Halloween Fun for Kids!!

Hey all!! This week is fall break for my kids, and we are leaving out of town to Disney Land!!! So I will be vacationing all week, and am not taking any cooking supplies or my computer! Ok, I might be taking my computer, but I will not be posting for this week 😦 But here is a couple of posts to keep your kids entertained for fall break, or just some fun activities for Halloween. And I will be back next Monday with more super yummy recipes. Have an awesome week!

Here are some free printable coloring sheets I found. My daughter always wants to decorate her bedroom for holidays, but I like the majority of my decorations to be where everyone can enjoy them. So we came up with this compromise. We find these really cute fun coloring sheets, she colors them and cuts them out and we tape them up in her room.

It is actually such a fun way to add a little extra holiday spirit to your home. We’ve started putting them on the sliding glass door and the fridge now, just so the whole house feels spookily fun. Enjoy!!

Source of coloring sheets: http://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2009/10/06/halloween61_1.gif, http://www.lygwela.com/img/coloring-page/full/halloween-0028.gif, halloween-pumpkins-coloring-pages-7-com.gifwitch-05-source-944_pq1.jpg


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