No Sew!! 4th of July Tank

As promised, super cute and easy, no sew 4th of July tank tops!! Let’s just get this out in the open right now, I do not craft! It’s not that I don’t find it appealing or that I can’t find cute ideas that I would like to mimick. It’s because, well, I absolutely suck at it. But I actually did this one, and I think it turned out pretty cute! So, even though this isn’t really a recipe or food related, I figured I would share it anyways.

Here is what it looks like on. I made one for me, my 2 sisters, and mom so we can be all matching at the parade. Fun, right!? I’m so super excited!

A couple of thins before you begin though. This works best if you find a shirt with pretty thin material. It just hangs better. Also, try your shirt on before you begin, and figure out where you want your blue area to be. My first shirt I made, the star area was way to small and just didn’t look good. I like the stars best when they go down to your waist, but figure out what you like and mark it before you start. Other then that, your set to go. Here are the instructions, and Good Luck!

Printable Instructions


     Plain white T-shirt one size larger than you normally wear (Unless you want it tight)
     Pair of Scissors
     Red and Blue Spray Paint
     Painters tape
     Paper stars

For the stars, use clip art or google stars. Print out your favorite and cut out. Arrange and tape stars onto  upper left side of shirt.

First, place full strip of tape across shirt under where the stars. Cut a second strip of tape in half and place vertically to line stars in the center upper part of shirt.

Continue to place strips of tape across open area on shirt, spacing and aligning equally across the shirt. (Strips don’t have to be perfect. Just eyeball it.)

Take shirt outside and lay on a surface that you don’t mind getting paint on (like an old sheet or a tarp). Using paper, cover the striped area of shirt and spray the star area blue.

Remove paper and cover star area as you spray striped red.

Let shirt sit for a couple hours to dry before removing stars and tape. If desired for a darker color, do a second coat at this point and after letting dry completely, then peel off the tape/stars.

Follow this video and cut your tank to desired style.

After you have finish, turn inside out, wash and dry shirt. Then show it off!!

Printable Instructions

Shirt idea from


21 responses

  1. Hey Kathleen, Thank you ā¤ I was the one modeling the shirt. I wanted to add a picture of what it looked like on, but hope it didn't come off too, "Hey look at me" kind of thing.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the idea! I made these for 4 of my friends and I and they turned out awesome! One question though: do yours still smell as strongly of spray paint as mine?? Mine are so strong that i cant wear the shirt for very long. Do you know of any remedies or did you just not let the smell bother you? I have washed them multiple times. But otherwise i LOVE the shirts!

  3. I did notice a little oder when wet, but not after it dried. I'm not sure how to correct it. Maybe it's the laundry detergent I use. I also didn't dry mine, cause I didn't want them to shrink up any. I know this totally isn't helpful :/ I'll try to think of something to fix it.

  4. I tried this and the problem I had was that the spray paint was bleeding under the painters tape and the stars didn't come out either. I'm going to try it again and use less paint because I think it was because I sprayed too much. I'm also going to try sticker stars and see if that works. Sounds easier than taping all the stars on and hoping all the edges are down. If you have any tips let me know. Great post btw! Super cute idea! If I can get it to work I'm going to make one for my mom and sister! Adorable idea!

  5. The only suggestion I can give is, if you want the color to be darker, do it in coats. I only did one coat cause I really wanted the washed out look, but on others I did them darker, and it took a couple of coats to get them there. So coat, then let dry completely, do a second coat then let dry again. You really don't want a lot of paint on your fabric all at once because it will bleed. Hope it goes better for you the second time.

  6. Did you cut the bottom of your shirt off? And what did you use to tie the back? I saw it was white fabirc I jus didn't know if it was from another thing that you used.

  7. I made this shirt last night and it turned out pretty well! I am not a very crafty person and I am very pleased with myself!! Thanks for posting this!! šŸ™‚

  8. I made this shirt and it turned out super cute but after i washed and dried it the shirt was really stiff. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on this?

  9. It was awesome loved it worked great! But I’m just wondering how you cut the sleeves or did you buy a white tank and do it?

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